How it works

KOORCA® is a new smart phone app that you can use in an emergency, or if you think police might need to see what you are seeing. All users can remain anonymous. It’s FREE and there is no advertising or ongoing subscription fees.

It solves three problems for our community and is brought to you by the people, for the people.

1. KOORCA® can communicate your exact location and a picture of the scene for 000 emergency operators.

Have you ever called 000 from your mobile phone and had a difficult time explaining the scene and your location?

With Koorca  you can call 000 with a single tap on a button. That same tap will automatically pin point your location and send the image in your viewfinder to a database. This data is immediately accessible to the emergency operator if they are authorised.

We know a picture is worth 1000 words. With Koorca, we can quickly and accurately impart crucial information about our location and the scene, to the emergency operator.

For example: You might find yourself first at the scene of a serious accident and need to call 000 for help. We don’t always know our exact location. If you use KOORCA® to call, much of the information required will instantly be available to the operator, including an image of what you’re seeing and your GPS location on a map. You will not need to know the exact street address, the operator can already know where you are and simply confirm your location with you. You can simply remain on the line to assist the operator with any further information they may need. You can even capture video of the scene they can view in real time, while you are speaking to them!

Also… if you’re travelling internationally and you don’t know the emergency number for that country, don’t worry. KOORCA® will determine your location and auto fill the emergency number to connect to the hotline for whichever jurisdiction you are in.

2. KOORCA® is instant CCTV in your pocket. 

Have you ever seen something that just doesn’t seem right and thought that the police might need to see what you are seeing? Have you ever felt threatened by a strange person in a public place?

With KOORCA®, a single tap on the photo button allows you to overtly or covertly capture and send a GPS tagged image or video of anything that might be helpful in a crime investigation. It’s just like CCTV only it’s in everybody’s pocket and the footage goes to a secure database searchable only by Police.

It might be a photo of the number plate of a suspicious car, or people involved in an incident in a public place, or anybody doing something unusual or unsettling. KOORCA® will file this data for 14 days, just in case it matches a reported crime or 000 emergency call. This can reduce lead times and inform the police investigation and response.

If a vulnerable person feels insecure or at risk of assault, they can either ‘press and hold’ to record video of the threat as they walk, even while holding their phone to their ear and speaking. Or just snap a photo of the would be assailant and remind them that they have been tagged on Koorca and that their image is inextricably linked to this time, date and place. The threatening person is no longer anonymous and the great risk of being identified will act as a strong deterrent and can prevent many opportunistic crimes ever occurring.

KOORCA® literally turns A CROOK around.

3. KOORCA® allows police to send emergency notifications to users in a defined geographic location.

Sometimes the police need to get a message out to people. A broadcast message to all people often falls on deaf ears or is ignored because it is too often not relevant to all. Now Emergency Services can tailor an immediate emergency alert limited to those who are currently in the geographical area where the emergency exists.

This means that if you get an alert on your phone via KOORCA®, then pay attention, because it is relvant to you!

For example, if two young boys have wandered off from their home and their guardian reports them as missing to police, they now have the option to appeal for public assistance in looking out for the boys. They may choose to send an ‘Amber Alert’ to all KOORCA® users within a 5 km radius of where the boys were last sighted.

This notification system facilitates the most effective, time and cost efficient means for police to communicate with the community in times of need.

KOORCA® is for the people, by the people.