About Us

Koorca was founded in 2016 by Ben, Julia and Russ. They had seperate careers before coming together managing cattle stations in North Queensland, Australia. The nature of agriculture, with it’s reliance on variables that cannot be controlled, sharpens problem solving skills and encourages innovation from those responsible for survival in difficult times. During the severe drought of 2012 there was a lot of soul searching when a distant tragedy captured the attention of the whole country. Jill Meagher was raped and murdered in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Russ Broad


Ben Callcott


Ben Callcott


“We couldn’t change our weather situation so we thought about things we might be able to change. We were frustrated at the community safety problem, so we put our minds to it, and dreamed up this innovative solution. We decided that if nobody else was going to fix it then we would.”

Ben had previously spent some years as a Chartered Accountant in Townsville, specialising in audit and small business management support.

Julia was an educator who specialised in brain based learning and cognitive disruption and development.

Russ previously served as a Domestic Violence liaison officer in Brisbane with the Queensland Police Service and was intimately aware of the problem.

Koorca was originally designed to disrupt a predator’s crime opportunity and in doing so, save lives. “We couldn’t accept that women should still be vulnerable to attack in our communities. With all of the communication options available to us in modern society, there had to be a way to take back the power for the vulnerable.”

It’s known that an opportunist offender weighs up the risk against reward. The risk of being identified at the scene that almost guarantees they will be caught. “We decided we could compromise their anonymity, and the original concept of Koorca was born.”

Throughout the development process, other potentially lifesaving features were added to increase the safety of vulnerable people and make it quick and easy for them to obtain the assistance they need.

The decision to develop the Koorca concept was not taken lightly and evolved over several years. “Our qualifications and experience had little to do with the vast ICT industry but we believed that our idea was capable of saving lives. Charged with this belief, we felt a responsibility to provide future victims with the best defensive tool the world can provide.”

Koorca has also been supported from the beginning by Melbourne based marketer and philanthropist Mellissah Smith who brings a wealth of experience and passion to our team.

Together, Julia, Ben and Russ have built a team around them who don’t just bring code writing skills, but share a desire to solve problems through innovation, and are driven by the vision to make the world a safer place.